[2018 Testpassport Cracked] CWNA Certification CWNA-107 practice questions

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Share some CWNA Certification CWNA-107 exam questions and answers below.
What factors does not influence the distance at which an RF signal can be effectively received?
A. Free Space Path Loss
B. Receiving station’s radio sensitivity
C. Transmitting station’s output power
D. Receiving station’s output power
Answer: D

What best describes WPA2 in relation to 802.11 wireless network?
A. WPA2 is specified in the 802. 11 standard as implementing CCMP/AES
B. WPA2 is the standard that defines security for WLANs.
C. WPA2 is a certification created by the Wi-Fi Alliance that validates device correctly implement CCMP/AES.
D. WPA2 is the second version of WPA and it enhances security through the use of TKIP Instead of WEP.
Answer: C

What wireless networking term describe the increase of RF energy in an intentional direction with the use of an antenna?
A. Directed Radiation
B. Active Amplification
C. Passive Gain
D. Beam Digression
Answer: C

Which directional antenna types are commonly used by indoor Wi-Fi devices in a MIMO multiple spatial stream implementation?
A. Dish and grid
B. Dipole and yagi
C. Grid and sector
D. Patch and panel
Answer: B

What can an impedance mismatch In the RF cables AND CONNECTORS cause?
A. Fewer MCS values In the MCS table
B. Excessive VSWR
C. Increased amplitude of the RF signal
D. Increased range of the RF signal
Answer: B

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