Netapp NCDA NS0-158 dumps NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
Which type of connectivity is supported when connecting third-party arrays through FlexArray Virtualization for back-end storage to a NetApp cluster?




D. Infiniband

Answer: C

What is the minimum version of clustered Data ONTAP that supports shelf hot-remove?

A. 8.2.1

B. 7.3.3

C. 8.0.1

D. 8.3

Answer: A

A NetApp cluster is connected to two network switches for resiliency. One of the network switches loses power. Most LIFs on the cluster automatically recover from the switch failure to and are reachable through the network. One LIF used for CIFS access is not reachable through the network until power is restored to the failed switch.

Which two areas should be investigated to determine the problem? (Choose two.)

A. The protocols allowed on the LIFs.

B. The LIFs failover-group configuration.

C. The LIFs home port.

D. The broadcast domain¡¯s member ports.

Answer: B,D

In the storage failover command, what does the bypass-optimization option do?

A. It takes over the partner node without performing aggregate relocation.

B. It migrates all logical interfaces during takeover.

C. It takes over without migrating all logical interfaces.

D. It takes over the partner node performing aggregate relocation.

Answer: A

Which two default SVM roles are available when an SVM is created? (Choose two.)

A. vsadmin-readonly

B. root

C. vsadmin

D. admin

Answer: A,C

An administrator is working with an application group to resolve a performance problem within the environment. They are experiencing slow read speeds and are trying to determine what could be done to improve performance.

What would you add to the system to improve performance?


B. FlashCache


D. processors

Answer: B

A customer wants to use a UTA2 PCIe card in a new FAS8000 system.

Which three steps must be completed before the customer is able to use the ports for Fc access to an FCP switch? (Choose three.)

A. Use the system hardware unified-connect modify command to change the personality from initiator to target.

B. Verify the WWPN of the UTA2 so that these can be used in the igroup to map the LUNs for host access.

C. Verify that the correct SFP+ is installed for FC.

D. Verify the card¡¯s hardware configuration by running the system hardware unified-connect show command.

E. Verify that Data ONTAP iSCSI, GIFS, and NFS are licensed on the system.

Answer: A,C,D

What is true about a node root volume?

A. There is a root volume on every node in a cluster.

B. It is the root of a data SVM¡¯s namespace.

C. You can use vol move to move it to an aggregate on a different node.

D. It is the most secure place to store critical user data.

Answer: B

Which type of connectivity is supported when connecting third-party arrays through FlexArray Virtualization for back-end storage to a NetApp cluster?




D. Infiniband

Answer: C

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