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261. The OceanStor 18500 uses the RAID 2.0 virtualization architecture. Which of the following statement is wrong when planning configuration storage?
A. A storage pool can create two types of LUNs, Thick LUN and Thin LUN.
B. When creating a storage pool, the minimum number of SAS disks in the hard disk domain where the storage pool is located is 9 disks when the performance layer RAID policy choice is 8D + 1P.
C. In the RAID 2.0 virtualization architecture, the hot spare space in the storage pool is distributed on each member disk in the storage pool.
D. under RAID 2.0 virtualization architecture, the storage pool can contain three levels storage, and each tier can configure with a number of different RAID strategies.

262. A company daily real-time online transaction data is about 500GB, the new data a day is 30GB. The new data will be frequently called within a week after the birth, after that the heat will decline rapidly. There are 80 company staff. Each person’s mailbox space is 5GB, and the average space utilization rate is 60%.
In the company’s existing scale to meet the needs of six months, which of the following is the most reasonable way to configure SmartTier for the company?
A. High Performance Layer 550GB: Performance Layer 250GB: Capacity Layer 6TB
B. High Performance Layer 400GB; Performance Layer 250GB; Capacity Layer 7TB
C. High-performance layer 800GB; Performance layer 400GB; Capacity layer 6T
D. High Performance Layer 600GB: Performance Layer 300GB: Capacity Layer 7TB

263. On the Windows Server 2008 R2 system, when doing the hard disk partition, which of the following statement about setting the appropriate sector (cluster) size is correct?
A. Create a 2TB NTFS volume, the default sector (cluster) size is 8KB.
B. Create a 30GB FATS32 volume, the default sector (cluster) size is 8KB.
C. NTFS volumes can be set to the largest sector (cluster) to 512KB.
D. The smallest sector (cluster) that an NTFS volume can set is 4KB.

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